Manual entry forms

For players who don't want to enter online, manual entry forms can be downloaded and either posted, emailed or faxed back to Bowls Australia. Please note the entry conditions on the forms, and that entries are not confirmed until the receipt of written confirmation from Bowls Australia.

Download manual forms below:

Singles Entry (including U18's and Bowlers with a Disability)

Pairs Entry (including Over 60's and Bowlers with a Disability)

Fours Entry

Submit your entry to one of the following:

Australian Open
PO Box 52
Northcote VIC 3070

Attention: Australian Open
Bowls Australia

Attention: Australian Open
Bowls Australia
+61 (3) 9495 0194 

Who can enter

• Open to all registered bowlers. No qualification rounds necessary - sectional rounds will be played in all disciplines to determine the players/teams who qualify for the knockout rounds. 

• International bowlers welcomed and encouraged to attend.

• All players are guaranteed at least two, and most likely three fixtures within the sectional rounds of each discipline!


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